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We are focused in sales methods for sales leaders and managers

Have you ever thought that your company may not be selling well because of your sales discipline and methods, and not because your product or price? No? We have!

We learned by our experience that 95% of sales leaders in the world don't even know what a forecast is. They use CRM softwares, are good lead generators, but this doesn't mean a thing because the conversion rates are way lower than it could be!

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Sales in Detail

Sales is all about numbers. Without information, nothing happens.


But, what if you don't have the right information to work? Or, in a worst case, you think you are doing it right, and your sales strategy doesn't work and you lose money, time and the rest of the patience that still left?

Believe me, you are not alone in the sales world. Sales people think that it's ok to fill a CRM without all the informations, activities, next steps, amount, etc. They think it's extremely unnecessary to do all this boring and repetitive process. 

That's why you should apply our Sales in Detail methodology:

- We go deep in all the assets that help to better perform your sales, from your CRM to the apps that you have (or should have). We work with major CRMs and top of the class apps and softwares

- We train your team to do everything that is necessary to make it happen, from the SDR to the Customer Success Manager. Don't know what is a SDR or CS Manager? No problem, it's even better to know that we can do even more stuff to make you successful, and there is a blue ocean to navigate

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Sales VP as a Service

You are the founder of a company and also responsible for the sales team and implementation. You start to receive leads, hire people and suddenly.. BOOM!!

You are losing sales, time, your team doesn't believe in you and money is going out of your pockets in a fast pace.

That's why you should learn about our Sales VP as a Service methodology:

- A seasoned executive responsible for sales in some of the greatest global SaaS companies, using Predictable Revenue methodology and focused on training the sales leader and motivating existing team

- Weekly 1-on-1s, commissions strategy, sales operations, SDRs' qualification questions, everything related to sales is under the Sales VP as a Service activities together with the existing responsible for this area in the company

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Sales in Detail
Leads Dossier

Leads Dossier

So, you started your company and don't have any leads to prospect? Or you need to achieve a new market and don't know how to start?

We can help you in 2 ways:

1) You tell us what market you are targeting and what do you need and we get it to you. For example: you want to talk to the CEOs or Marketing Directors of the top 50 retail chains in your country. No problem, we provide you their names, job titles, emails, telephone, media appearances and a short description on what you should know about them. Simple, fast and, believe it, cheap!

2) You need your team to be more effective in cold calls, know more about the companies and executives you want to target and in constant growth of new leads to build an increasing pipeline. We can train with all the methodology, tips and tricks to make it happen. From workshops to weekly calls, there are several options that we can think specifically for your needs

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Partners & Acceleration Programs

If you have already been accelerated by one of the following partners and programs below, you have all the requirements and are already pre-approved to run any of our methodology chapters :)


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